This website is the capstone project for my undergraduate coursework. It is supposed to be the culmination of four years of undergraduate experience, one that draws upon what I have learned while also sending forth some probes into the future. The flexible project requirements are designed to allow me to broadcast my learning and allow it to interface with other peoples and realities. I am doing this project as a part of my “senior seminar,” which is titled, “Displacement, Politics and the Visual Field.”

However, I am simultaneously doing another project designed to be a culmination of my four years – an undergraduate thesis. Thus, this project website you are viewing is a miniature offshoot of my thesis, which is longer, much more detailed, and has been created over an extended period of time.


~~~What is this website?

Well… You tell me. It’s designed to be a multimedia, multi-genre exploration of the performance of “visuality,” which I will define elsewhere on the site and perhaps link here if I remember. Currently (as of April 1st), it is just a set of pages: “About,” “Copyright and Contact,” and “Context.”


~~~Who am I, and how might my identity shape this project?

I am “just” a student, but being a student in a particular political context is extremely relevant to the potential meanings of this project. Feel free to read “Just” a Student: A note on positionality and power for some reflections on this.


~~~How did I make this website?

Well, as you can probably tell from the URL and through other means, I am using WordPress to make this site.

The concept maps were made in Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) CMap Tools, a free software that I found as a college freshman back in 2010 when I was trying to find a free and effective (and simple) concept mapping software to use to study for my exams. For this site, I plan to also use CMap Tools to make images that are combinations of .html concept maps (with links) and comics. (Well, I’ll use an art program to add in the images to the .html file. So, it will be an inter-program approacch, based on my lack of .html knowledge and lack of time to acquire that knowledge.)

WordPress (as with all other mainstream web hosting services I can find that are based primarily on templates) does not allow direct access to uploaded .html pages, so I will upload my relevant .html files to a public Dropbox folder and link them here.

The artwork will be made using Microsoft Paint (for accessibility, since it opens quickly) and GIMP 2 (for layers), a.


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