Start Here?

You have arrived. (Or haven’t you?)

For some context on the 2013 protests in Brazil, check the “Context” page. (Note that of the three media performances I analyze, one of them is actually from 2014.)

For some notes about my positionality as ‘author,’ check out my post about this.


For some of the theoretical underpinnings of the site and my analyses, you should read my discussions of Habermas, of Weber, of DeLuca and Peeples, of Holston, and of my own idea of dis/placement violence. (I also make a side note about international perspectives.)


Finally, for my analysis, check out my analysis of a 2014 video of ‘peaceful’ protests, my analysis of a 2013 video on the ‘violence’ of the protests, and my analysis of some early online newspaper representations of the protests and their violence.


This site does not give a substantive account of anything. It is limited by time and energy. I hope it is useful or provocative in some way for somebody.



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